Hiking at the Civil War Trail in Glorieta

Taking a hike on the Pecos National Historical Park Civil War TrailDuring our time of social distancing, there are a few places that you can get away from the house, get some exercise, breath some fresh air and still stay a healthy distance from folks.  The Pecos National Historical Park has the 2.3 mile Civil War Trail the takes you up and down hills through the trees and tells a story of the historic battlefield of Glorieta Pass.Visitors to the PNHP Civil War Trail

The trail is located behind a locked gate, but you can get the gate code at the Visitor Center at the main park.    Be sure to lock the gate after you go in and when you leave.  This code changes regularly, so when the park Visitor Center opens again, you’ll need to call for a new one.  It’s a little tricky to find.

Here are driving directions:

  • Take Interstate 25 Exit 299 and Hwy 50 toward Pecos.
  • Turn right at La Joya Road.  Watch the speed bumps there are several!
  • Turn right at Old Denver Hwy and drive to the end of the road to the locked gate.
  • Since the Visitor Center is closed for the moment, the gate code is 9506.

Visitor Center phone: (505) 757-7241
Park website: www.nps.gov/peco

Signage a the midway point Pecos National Historical Park Civil War Trail