CWT Marker 8

The Mountain Howitzer Battery – Main Phase – Afternoon, March 28th

After withdrawing force approaching from the from his position at Windmill Hill, Lt Claflin took his battery to the new Federal line on Artillery Hill, locating it on a narrow logging road that ran to the top of the hill and curved back to this point.

Pecos National  Historical  Park - Civil War Trail

Claflin readied his three 12-pounder mountain howitzers, while his supporting Colorado infantry protected him from the lower positions on Artillery Hill.  Soon, he saw a Confederate force approaching from the south.  He feared the Texas would overrun the road to his rear, so he retreated to a position in the valley behind the low adobe corral wall and south of the Santa Fe Trail.  There he helped to repulse the two initial Confederate charges at the Union center.  Major Shropshire was killed near this spot (see Marker 2)

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