Civil War Encampment video series – Sharpshooter’s Ridge

The third video in this Civil War Encampment series shows the Sharpshooter’s Ridge that overlooks the Glorieta Pass Battlefield site on the Pecos National Historical Park.

This evening, the third of the Virtual Civil War Encampment presentations starts at 7 PM MDT and will feature

“Free Land for Free Men”: The Civil War and the Homestead Act of 1862  

Homestead National Historical Park’s historian Jonathan Fairchild will explore the interconnected story of the Homestead Act of 1862 and the Civil War via a live Zoom program. He will share the events and legislation that led up to both the Civil War and the passage of the Homestead Act, which granted 270 million acres of free land in 30 states across the country. The program will also examine the impact and legacy of that law on Civil War veterans. Hosted by the Friends of the Pecos National Historical Park. Registration required; Register by noon Mountain time, 3/23 ->

One thought on “Civil War Encampment video series – Sharpshooter’s Ridge

  1. In the beginning of the reinactment the visitors would sit up on top of the cliff behind/above the Stage Stop building and listen to the shouting and gunfire from the “reinactors” as they came down the canyon from the Glorieta Baptist Conference Center. I did that with my Grandchildren in the early ’80’s. In the late ’80’s the Grandson of the man who owned the property when he used to let vacationers actually drink water (for a fee) from the “oldest well”, was living there and started digging the footing for a garage for his home. Not long ..they ran into the burials of all the Soldiers that were killed in the Battle and the digging had to stop until all burials were retrieved and given to their descendants..that wanted them..otherwise they were re-buried in the National Cemetery in Santa Fe. The teen age Scribe was found, too. I couldn’t understand WHY that site had not been checked before…IT was the only “field” big enough AND flat enough to accommodate the burials.


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