Park Prescriptions Program Offers Much more than a $50 Prize

Park Prescriptions Program participant Danny Winston finally hit the jackpot!  He is the second recipient of the Park Prescriptions Program’s quarterly prize drawing. Winston, who won a $50 Target gift card was surprised and grateful to win just for walking the park’s trails—something he has been doing for almost 11 straight years. Like many of the other participants in the program, he finds a plethora of benefits from recreating in the park. Winston said, “I love it, it’s therapy.  And the dogs love it.  They love coming to the park every day.”  Pecos National Historical Park Superintendent Karl Cordova echoes his sentiments; “The National Park Service strives to ensure that parks remain relevant to local communities in preserving their heritage, educating their youth and providing opportunities for physical and mental wellness.”

The Park Prescriptions Program was formed this spring as part of a partnership between Pecos National Historical Park and the Pecos Valley Medical Center (PVMC) to encourage wellness in the community of Pecos and the surrounding area. The Pecos Park Prescriptions program promotes health and wellness by encouraging and rewarding community members for recreating for free within their national park.  

 The next quarterly drawing for the Park Prescriptions Program will take place in early January 2018.  Participants must receive 10 punches during the quarter in order to be eligible for the next drawing.  For more information please contact Becky Latanich (Pecos NHP) at (505) 757-7210 or Toni Rodriguez (Pecos Valley Medical Center) at 505-757-7132

Find the Pecos Valley Medical Center at

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