CWT Marker 5

Confederate battle line – Main Phase – Mid afternoon March 28th

Pecos National Historical Park site. Pigeon's Ranch circa 1880
Pigeon’s Ranch circa 1880

You are now near the position of the Confederate line during the main phase of fighting.  The arroyo you see before you was used as a shelter by Major Shropshire’s men.  Federal forces had established a strong second defensive line around Pigeon’s Ranch, which Lt Colonel Scurry planned to attack.  Fourth Texas Sgt. Alfred B Peticolas lay in this muddy arroyo about where I-25 covers it today.  Peticolas later wrote, “We laid in the gully on the right (for) half an hour and then were ordered further on…” Peticolas and his Fourth Texas comrades on the Confederate right flank charged the Federals here on Artillery Hill.


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