CWT Marker 9

Sargent Peticolas’ Adventure – Main Phase – Afternoon, March 28th

Here Sgt. Alfred Peticolas became separated from the Texans sent to attack the southern flank of Artillery Hill.  He accidentally walked through a gap in the Federal line, created when Claflin’s battery moved.  He was described as having walked “leisurely along the hill towards where their line was, firing at every opportunity down at the enemy.”  You are following his path, and Pigeon’s Ranch is below.  Peticolas soon walked into a line of Union soldiers on the crest of Artillery Hill.  Wearing a captured Federal overcoat, hel looked like a solitary Union soldier.  A Federal officer, Lt Colonel Samuel Tappan, thinking Peticolas one of his own troops, allowed the young Texas sergeant to continue his walk along the top of Artillery Hill and back safely into the Confederate ranks at the base of the hill.

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