CWT Marker 13

Aftermath of the Battle – March 29th – April 15th, 1862

Both sides initially felt they had won the Battle of Glorieta.  In the face-to-face combat, Scurry’s Confederates consistently kept Slough’s Federals on the defensive, pushing them back repeatedly.  However, the Federal commander had kept his force largely intact.  The fighting around Pigeon’s Ranch was a Confederate victory, or at least a draw.  But Chivington’s destruction of the Confederate supplies at Johnson’s Ranch was decisive for the Federals.

Ten days after the Battle of Glorieta, having received intelligence that Canby was moving north from Fort Craig with a large force, the Confederates left Santa Fe and began a lengthy retreat back to Texas.  The Confederates fought one more small action with Federal troops at the village of Peralta, south of Albuquerque, on April 15th, 1862, but the Confederates would never again threaten an expansion in the West.

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