Youth Fly Fishing Application

This is the application for Pecos High School students who want to participate in the Youth Fly Fishing program this year. Please answer each of the 7 questions below with the most honest responses possible without exceeding 5 sentences per answer.

**This program is not limited solely to fluent English speakers. While we cannot teach full classes in Spanish, one-on-one assistance can be provided to those who are English language learners. If you are interested in this facet of the program, please make sure to answer the second-to-last question on this application.**

**This program is accessible to people with physical disabilities. If this applies to you, please make sure to answer the last question on this application**

**Please only apply for this program if your parents/guardians would allow you to participate**

Feel free to contact the Program Instructor and/or the Pecos High School Liaison with questions (contact info at the bottom of this page).

Program Instructor
David Lemke

Pecos High School Liaison
Sarah Haghi