Park Ranger gives a background overview of the Forked Lightning Pueblo hike

Forked Lightning Pueblo Hike

Forked Lightning Pueblo hike - Old Blue stop
Forked Lightning Pueblo hike – Old Blue stop

Pecos National Historical Park periodically offers a Park Ranger-led tour to the site of the Forked Lightning Pueblo. Along the two mile round trip back country hike to the remnants of this 13th century pueblo, you will explore the fascinating history of this large settlement along the western bank of Glorieta Creek.  The pueblo, which housed hundreds of people primarily between 1225 and 1300 AD, was described and mapped by noted archaeologist A.V. Kidder in the late 1920s.  Much has been learned about this historical treasure since then—come see for yourself!

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For more information and to make reservations, contact Pecos NHP at (505) 757-7241.

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