Las Colonias Pedestrian Bridge Project

Las Colonias Bridge

The Las Colonias bridge was constructed sometime between 1913 and 1929. It was used to cross the
Pecos river to access the villages of Lower and Upper Colonias along a dirt road from historic New
Mexico Route 1, present day Interstate 25. The bridge was decommissioned when the route to Upper
and Lower Colonias was changed through Pecos, New Mexico. The bridge is considered historic as it’s a
contributing feature of the Pecos NHP Historic District which is currently being nominated for the
National Register of Historic Places.

Upon completion of this project, visitors to the Park will be able to access and hike old ranch roads on the east side of the Pecos River on the Park property, including the old Colonias road.

The bridge is an excellent example of Warren Truss construction fastened with hot rivets. This type of
bridge construction was mainly used from the 1800s through approximately 1930 when the advent of
welding and reinforced concrete led to different types of bridge construction.
The existing bridge decking is missing. It’s assumed the original decking consisted of heavy wood
timbers that deteriorated over time. It is believed by Pecos NHP staff the remnants of the wood
decking were removed in the 1990s but no documentation exists.

The West side bridge approach is missing. An earth approach could have been washed away by past
flood events. A more substantial approach, armored with stone rubble, may have been removed and
recycled by past landowners.

Artist design rendition of the completed pedestrian bridge.
Location map along the South Pasture trail