Be a Part of an Ancient Story

The Friends of Pecos National Historical Park is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and assisting the mission of the park.

The goals of the Friends are:

  • To cultivate a general membership of people and organizations eager and willing to help support the work of the park.
  • To develop projects in cooperation with the Park staff.
  • To raise funds for purposes identified by Park staff and mutually agreed to by the Friends.
  • To serve as liaison between the Park, surrounding communities and appropriate organizations.

Your donation helps the Friends Group provide material and financial support for the recurring annual events at the Park, such as, the Civil War Encampment,  Feast Days, Las Posadas and Farolito Walks.

!00% of your donation goes towards supporting the Pecos National Historical Park.

Support Levels:

  • Friend                              $ 1 – $49
  • Contributor                    $ 50 – $99
  • Supporter                       $ 100 – $499
  • Steward                          $ 500 – $999.
  • Patron                             $ 1000 – $4999
  • Benefactor                     $ 5000 – up